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Trunk Show with Aly x Joshua at Lovecraft NYC

January 8, 2015 was a gorgeous night for schmoozing with hot new models, exquisite independent designers and premiere makeup artists ’round the way on Avenue B.  Despite being 19-22 degrees, the VIP rooms downstairs at Lovecraft NYC bar was alight with ancient-style settings (and even a comedy show next door ;*) .  It was a fabulous turnout: The Copacabana necklace (below, center) was practically battled for – I made the mistake of bringing only one sample with me that night.



I incidentally ran into an accessory/couture designer whose fashion show was the first one I got into during NYFW 2009 as an freelancer – and she purchased an ombre top from Aly x Joshua!  Thanks again to Pim at the Set NYC for hosting the event.  More great news: if you were not present for this event, we’re planning a steampunk trunk show for March 6!
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